Who We Are

What we believe, What is important to us, Where we come from

Our Mission


Why we exist...

  1. To reach out to and proclaim the Good News of God's love to our community and beyond.
  2. To grow together spiritually as a family united by God's love and His Word.
  3. To disciple, train, and grow believers to be more like Jesus.
  4. To create a warm welcoming environment where people feel like they belong.

Our Core Values

What is important to us - GROWTH...

  1. God is the centre of our existence, the focal point of all we do, and His mission is our priority. Growing in our knowledge and experience of Him is our Goal.
  2. Relationships that are intentionally built on love, grace, and respect for one another.
  3. Outreach to others is our mission.
  4. The Word of God is our final authority in all matters of life and faith. It guides our growth and is to be both read and put into practice daily.
  5. Teamwork and discipleship that builds unity and equips people to discover and use their gifts is how we will achieve our goal of building His church.
  6. The Holy Spirit is our helper, equipper, encourager, the giver of spiritual gifts, and the one who drives us on to deeper spiritual growth.
Our Core Values
Our Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith

What we believe...

We are a family | faith community held together by a common set of beliefs. These beliefs form our Statement of Faith which we share with our greater family, the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.  It states what we believe as Christians, and what our mission in this world is. It is our guide for all things spiritual, and as to how we live out our faith in our local community and everyday life.

Our Statement of Faith

Our Roots

We belong to the Evangelical Free Church of Canada...

The EFCC is a family or association of autonomous and independant churches united together under our common Statement of Faith and mission to spread the Gospel to the ends of the world, beginning with the community we are in....

Foremost - This is our community! We are a church in this community and to this community.

Evangelical - Our existence is anchored to the Good News of Jesus as found and proclaimed throughout the Bible. We are called to live out and proclaim the essential truths of this Good News (Gospel), firstly in our community, and then to the ends of the earth.

Free - We are autonomous and independant. I.e. We are neither state-sanctioned or state-controlled, nor do we have denominational control over what we teach or how we function as a church. We are, however, accountable to one another in the EFC family in matters of faith and practice.

Church - We are a family | faith community under the leadership of Jesus Christ, founded on the principles of the Bible, and continuing His work of loving God and loving people, until He returns.

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Our Roots